Terms and Conditions –  Blades Mowers LTD 
By allowing Blades Mowers LTD to do work for yourself; you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.  This includes but is not limited to any of our services such as sales, trading, purchasing, repairs or servicing to any machine and any other service we may provide you.
The sale of any machine or part from Blades Mowers LTD to a customer of any sort.
1.1  When purchasing any goods from Blades Mowers LTD you are required to pay a deposit on goods of which we must order in with the full cost of the purchased goods paid for before the item leaves the premises.
1.2  All goods remain the property of Blades Mowers LTD until fully paid for.
1.3  You have the right to cancel an order up to 2 days before the due date with the exception of special orders. (See 1.3.1) Deposits may be lost when an order is cancelled.
1.3.1  Special orders require consent from Blades Mowers LTD for order cancellation or return. This may incur a cancellation or returns charge.
1.4  You have the right to return goods providing they are unused within 30 days of purchase. Returns may incur a returns charge in accordance with the goods being returned.
Selling goods to Blades Mowers LTD
3.1  If you, as a customer, wish to sell goods onto Blades Mowers LTD such as a machine you must firstly arrange for an official offer from the company.
3.2  Accepted offers must be signed to agree that the goods are then property of Blades Mowers LTD
3.3  A receipt of payment must be given to show that the goods have been paid for.
3.4  Blades Mowers reserves the right to decline any offer or sale.
Any work done to goods such as repairs or servicing to customers machinery
4.1  All goods in Blades Mowers are covered by their insurance policy.
4.2  Blades Mowers  cannot be held responsible for coincidental faults with goods whilst they are in their possession.
4.3  You may request an official written quotation, which Blades Mowers LTD is obliged to honour .Quotations are valid for a maximum of 30 days.
4.4  You may request your machine back at any time with the up to date charge paid, for work carried out and parts fitted at that time.
4.5  Work completion time scales are to be used as a guide only. Blades Mowers LTD will endeavour to complete work within the guide time but cannot be held responsible for late completion due to circumstances beyond their control.
4.6  Equipment not collected from the premises of Blades Mowers LTD within 30 days from the date of notification of completion of work or estimate ordered, will be subject to a reasonable storage charge . Any goods or Equipment left for more than 90 days without prior agreement will be subject to a 30 day written notice of disposal with the storage charges to still be payable.
4.7  Blades Mowers LTD reserve the right to refuse to carry out work on unsafe equipment and equipment deemed to have had previous non standard repairs
Payment Terms
5.1  Invoices are to be paid upon receipt unless credit terms are agreed prior.
5.2  Blades Mowers LTD does not accept cheques as a form of payment.
5.3  Blades Mowers LTD reserve the right to charge storage fees and interest on late payments.
5.4  Failure to pay an invoice will result in legal action against you. You will be liable for all legal costs incurred.
6.1  Blades Mowers LTD reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any given time without prior warning.